Social Media Marketing

“SMM is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites”. Is it really an accurate definition of SMM? SMM is far more than just gaining traffic, Social Media Marketing refers to the techniques that use social media as a catalyst for your company to flourish, increase brand exposure and improve audience insights.

Suppose, you laid up a new business and didn’t emphasize on performing the online marketing- it’s like opening up a business, and not telling anyone about it. In this rapidly growing world, what’s growing at the fastest pace- the Internet? No, the fastest growing sector is social media. Without a doubt, social media is not only to sell, but also to ENGAGE.

In this world, everything is give and take. Social Media Marketing- it’s not about people, not about your business. It is what you provide the people with, and what they provide to your brand in return. Social media is not only about receiving positive reviews, instead of receiving positive as well as the negative ones at the same time. Getting criticisms will make your brand completely confident about itself. If there is criticism, there is always a scope of improvement.

Does your brand need Social Media Marketing? Want some compelling reasons to opt for Social Media Marketing? Here are the most important ones: –

  • Helps you achieve targeted and relevant traffic.
  • Helps you build viable relationships with the audience.
  • Assists in building brand loyalty.
  • Lets your brand reach out the potential customers.
  • The ROI is unbeatable.
  • The major asset of your brand-audience lies on social media.

Because of the rapid advancements in technology and social media, the list keeps on growing. Despite having chosen the perfect platforms for marketing, if the selected content is not engaging enough that people want to share it, then all the efforts might go in vain. By content, it means whatever you are posting. It can be a photo on Instagram, a Facebook status, a tweet, something to pin on a board on Pinterest, and so on. The content put up on social media platforms must be so alluring that it has the potential to captivate the readers. Also, it must be compelling enough, so that the readers pass it ahead to the people around them. One of my favorite phrases says it all- “If you make a customer happy, he might tell 2 of his friends about the same; but if you make him unhappy, he might tell 200 of his friends”. That’s the power of content!

The four fundamental services that come under Social Media Marketing are: –

  • Brand Monitoring
  • Setup and Custom Profile Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Content

By Brand Monitoring, assistance is provided not only in tracking but also in elevating the reputation of your business and finding out the people’s perception of your brand.

In order to engage customers and give them insights about the business, customized profiles are set up and maintained. The aim of doing so is to build viable relationships with the customer.

The audience for every brand, whether existing ones or the potential ones-lies on social media. In present-day world, where social media has become an obsession for people- it is mandatory for the brands to have exposure on social media platforms. The fastest growing statistics related to the usage of social media among people is continuously breaking records. People are unceasingly rushing ahead in this race, countries are beating the existing records of other countries. An example that I would not miss to quote: “With 241 million active Facebook (FB) users, India has surpassed the United States user base.”

With such a great obsession with social media, it is really becoming necessary for brands to use social media as a catalyst to have better exposure and to engage well with the customers. Social Media platforms are beginning to take over the entire world. With a growing number of social media platforms, a big dilemma arises while selecting a platform for the marketing purpose. The existence of so many social media platforms comes off as a great marketing opportunity. Some of the platforms that might help you reach your target if used adequately are:

    • Facebook   • YouTube   • Instagram • Pinterest  • LinkedIn   • Twitter  • Snapchat

Through Social Media Management, the basic aim is to handle the social media in an adequate manner so as to boost up the interactions with the customers and outperform the brand in the competitive world.

The Social Media Content plays the most vital role in Social Media Marketing and is very helpful in captivating customers by determining the most suitable content for the brand, with an ultimate target of showing the brand’s worth to the world.

There are a lot of social media platforms, each having its own advantages. It is very important to leverage the benefits of each of the platform. Social Media Marketing is all about strategies, each and every brand needs to have a well-planned strategy in order to achieve results. What is the outcome of a good, well-planned social media marketing strategy? Your brand gets more traffic. But, what did you do to get relevant and targeted traffic? You worked on the content! This content needs to be evaluated properly to get to know about the type of content required for each platform. For an example- on one platform pictures are the king, on another content dominates and on another still, videos play their game.

With such a great prevalence of social media, our brand becomes extremely visible. The customers, as well as competitors, can drill deep in reading, searching and obtaining information about the brand. What matters the most in Social Media Marketing is that- “how well we do it” because it’s about delivering an exceptional customer experience that makes customers want to recommend you.

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